We have been famous in the north suburbs since 1981

The Warehouse Gym & Boxing Club offers complete training facilities for fitness goals of every level . We feature a full family friendly gym with cardio equipment, free & machine weights, 3 full boxing rings, over 20 bags. Your monthly or annual membership gives you access to the entire facility so you can train on your own schedule, but our claim to fame lies in our boxing programs....

Our boxing programs are customized to YOUR goals - FROM EXECUTIVES TO PROS WE OFFER COMPLETE SOLUTIONS:

Boxers are the best conditioned most fit athletes in professional sports and the reason is how they train. Combining varied, intense cartdio with resistence training & pad work provides the best overall workout for fitness & shape possible without adding bulk. Wether your goal is to become a pro or just get in AWESOME shape, our professional trainers will work with you to design a program to meet your specific goals.

In addition to private, semi-private & group classes, Warehouse offers a fun and engaging Kids Boxing Camp on weekends.

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3570 Western Ave.
Highland Park, Il 60035