In 1981, when he started in his neighbor's garage, Falcon personally trained all of his clients, which at one point numbered as many as 65.

Today, Falcon employs four full-time trainers to help him. All of his trainers are amateur or professional boxers, not "certified" trainers because, according to Falcon, the only way to train like a boxer is to train with a boxer.

"You can't go to school for boxing," Falcon said. "There is nothing that compares to getting punched in the face."

Yet, Falcon also understands his clients may not want to get punched in the face. In fact, they might not even want to put on boxing gloves. And that's fine.

Falcon explains that the focus of boxing training isn't to become a boxer, but to build up stamina and endurance. That's why workouts emphasize the treadmill, jump rope and footwork drills as much as they do sparring.

If patrons decide to box, they've got options: hit one of 20 punching bags or opt for focus mitts, which are pads held by a trainer or another person. If they want to hit something that hits back, there are three boxing rings to accommodate them.

The front of the gym houses weight machines and free weights. The center of the gym are the 3 boxing rings - There is also all the modern ameneties - cardio equipment, lockers, locker rooms, steam room . And in the back a full sized indoor soccer field.

Experience a bit of the gym’s history by checking out the walls which are covered with posters and pictures of champions - present, past & future.